• Do you want to contribute to a more
    peaceful and harmonious world?

  • Welcome to Potatoes for Peace

    • Empathy

      Helping children develop empathy towards other people from a young age

    • Diversity

      Helping children to appreciate the similarities and differences amongst people

    • Equality

      Ensuring children understand that people of different races, ethnicities, cultures are all equal

    • Participation

      A charity that fosters participation and collaboration between children, teachers, parents and friends

  • Potatoes for Peace is a charitable organisation focused on education

    • Our philosophy

      We can cultivate an environment of peace by helping people to understand the ‘other’

    • Prevention

      Conflict, prejudice and racism can be prevented but needs to start early-with the participation of children

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    • Schools based programme

      Potatoes for Peace is delivered within school settings where children create and learn with their Potato friend

    • Customised Toolkit

      Potatoes for Peace offers a customised toolkit and resource material for implementation

    • Curriculum

      Curriculum developed with educators and academics which encourages critical thinking are an entry point for class room discussions in an engaging way

      Discover more About the founder

    • Potatoes for Peace is an exciting initiative to help children develop the capacities to relate to others who come from very different backgrounds from their own”

      Professor Michael Reiss
      UCL - Institute of Education
    • “I think Potatoes for Peace is a great project and a good way to teach children about diversity and tolerance“

      Primary school teacher
    • “It was fun and educational”

      Age 8
    • “I think Potatoes for Peace is inspiring people to think about what they say, before they say it. Also to teach people that everybody is different”

      Age 8
    • “I think that this should happen to each school, each year”

      Age 8
    • Potatoes for Peace is a positive and fun thing to do. I think they should carry on and let everyone get treated equally”

      Age 8
    • “Pupils learnt not to compartmentalise others based on gender, religion, race etc”

      Primary school teacher
  • Meet our Potato Friends

    A group of unique classmates
  • The potato friends are happy to welcome you in to their world

  • An innovative, inexpensive way to create an environment of acceptance, tolerance and understanding in school children for people of different faiths, cultures and nationalities.

      From Norway

      I am a 34 year old psychologist who is single (but looking to meet someone). I speak Mandarin and lived in Beijing for a year and dream of returning

      from Ramallah & Tel Aviv

      I am Taysir Ali, a 23year old Muslim engineering student from Ramallah and my friend next to me is David who is a 40 year old Jewish lawyer from Tel Aviv

      From France

      Bonjour! My name is Jean-Philippe. I’m 49 years of age and live just outside Paris. I work as an architect

      From India

      My Name is Rupa, I am 29 years old and I am an English teacher in a secondary school in Bangalore. I love playing sport, including swimming, karate and football

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